Take The Limits Off Your Mind

I was having brunch with a friend and, as can happen over food, the conversation became really deep and significant. Food is sooooo perfect like that!

Here’s a bit of encouragement from what was said, and my own reflection on it, as I believe the message – although definitely for me – is significant for you too:

When we really know our potential, we can be assured that the enemy will do too. He will try with all his might to limit you and contain you from achieving all that God has laid out for you to do. The best way he does this? The biggest weapon in his armoury?

You are your own worst enemy, sometimes. We allow ourselves to become limited by how we think, and hold back from doing what we should be doing because of fear. Fear of the Unknown. Fear of what might happen. Fear of failing. Fear of ridicule. Fear. Fear. Fear.

If satan can limit the way you see yourself, he can hold you back from believing the Word God has spoken over you, holding you back from realising the potential for which God created you. Learning to see ourselves as God sees us is the biggest challenge many of us will ever face.

Don’t slouch – face the challenge head-on and allow God to raise the way you see yourself so you begin to see yourself as He sees you. He has a much better vantage-point, and He is in a much better position to see all of you. Your past covered by the blood of Jesus, and the future He is leading you toward.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7


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