Do You See This Woman?

In Luke 7, Jesus is anointed by a woman’s tears. Most people read this as a beautiful story of a woman who has been forgiven much demonstrating her love for her Saviour, which it is. But within the discourse Jesus has with the Pharisee He is hanging out with, there is a significant question.

“Do you see this woman?” (Luke 7:44)

We know from the text beforehand, Simon the Pharisee had seen the woman, because he questioned in himself about whether Jesus would be comfortable with the attention of the woman if He know what kind of woman she really was. So physically, he had seen her. He had seen something about her for which she was known (which isn’t specified). But Jesus challenges him – Do you really see HER?

I know from experience that although we see people all the time, we often don’t really see them at all. Partly because of the masks we wear, partly because the human default position is egocentric. And this is what Jesus is challenging – for all of us. The people you encounter, both regularly and those who appear in your life but for a moment, do we see them?

For some women who have been locked in toxic, abusive relationships, the answer is predominantly , “no”. For those suffering with depression or anxiety, the answer can often be, “no”. For the woman desperate to have a baby with her husband the answer is a resounding, deafening, “no”. woman-286747_1280

Too often, we pass-by people we see regularly, and yet we don’t actually see them.

I praise God for the friends who saw me.
Really saw me.
Who saw beyond the mask.
Who saw me with the eyes and heart of Abba.

I pray that God will show me people through His eyes, and not my own, for “man  looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).


One thought on “Do You See This Woman?

  1. Andrea Whysall says:

    So true,.this week I have gone around with a smile.on my face but have been breaking inside, needing a hug and someone to see the pain I was feeling, so often we look at the mouth smiling but not the eyes crying. I have the same prayer.. To see beyond what’s in front of me into what’s inside xxx

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