Embracing the Natural Look

I don’t know about you, but there are times when the way we present ourselves to the outside world can sometimes mean hiding the real person we are. I know I have done this in various ways over the last year, both physically and spiritually. Like when I feel least like it, I will slap on the red lippie which only Louie (my sis-in-law) has worked out what it means!

So when I turned up to Church at the weekend sporting my natural hair, it was quite dramatically shocking. Even for me, actually! I don’t think I have EVER had so many comments on how great my new look was. Yet the “new look” was a “I didn’t have time to do my normal style, so just left it” kind of look!

imageGone was the sleek, straightened, classy look; hello bohemian, natural waves! And while to me it seemed messy to others it looked good. Not that I will rock it that much – it used to only be revealed when I was on holiday! But….as I face change and new seasons, I’m actually considering embracing the natural look a little bit more.

And that’s the key thing for me right now. Change. Chapters closing, new ones being written. Milestone events and birthdays. All of these things can cause us to take stock of life, of who we really are, of how we want to be perceived, and what we want to achieve. It’s not so much about a new (or old) hairstyle, it’s more about embracing who I am in this season.

It’s hard work straightening my hair – especially when I’m running late!! But in the same vein, it’s hard work maintaining an image which is not strictly your natural self. Trying to hide the depths of who you are in an attempt to seem more acceptable, can be exhausting. Trust me, I know! I have a certain image to uphold, don’t you know!

Embracing who we are is a challenge in a world which is obsessed with image and perception. Identifying the core of what makes me me, or you you means uncovering the bits we may have hidden away for so long – even from ourselves. I’d forgotten how wavy my hair was, and so was shocked when I put in a bit of mouse and went my merry way! What about other areas of my life? Are there aspects which have been hidden which even I have forgotten about? Time will tell.

Walking tall means embracing who I am. Walking tall means embracing all you are. Finding out who we are in each season God brings us to means that we discover a little more about who He is too, and not just ourselves; as He strips away some of the layers we hide from, in order to bring His healing, restoration, or correction as His light shines in those dark areas we have forgotten about. He hasn’t called you to hide away and slouch through life, God is lifting your head, as He raises you to be a reflection of His love and grace walking with purpose and dignity.



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