Heel Hug

One of the questions I am asked most often whenever I am in my heels is, “How do you walk in those?!” Easily! A good pair of shoes, whether heels or flats, make walking easy when they hug your feet perfectly.

It’s all about finding the right fit as well as the right style.

Life is all about finding your right fit, like a good pair of shoes, which allow you to walk with confidence and assurance you are walking in the right direction for who you are.

Places which sell second hand shoes are OK. You can get some really good bargains for some of the designer brands your paycheque may not normally be able to cover! But often times, these pre-worn shoes may not be the right fit for your feet. Oh sure, they’re the right size on the label, but they just don’t mold to your foot. They’ve already been stretched or molded to someone else’s feet.

The life God has called you to live is molded specifically to your life, not someone else’s. God doesn’t want you to imitate anyone else or try to live like others. He has the perfect life-fit for you: For your character, your natural abilities, your temperament, basically the core aspect of who you are, as well as the way you have been shaped by life experiences and challenges.

When I try on a new pair of shoes, and they fit my feet, I feel confident I can walk tall without worrying the shoes will fall off mid-strut, or will trip me up when I’m walking in the crowd. The higher the heel, the more confident I feel…as long as I know the shoes are hugging my feet properly.

Walking in the fullness of who God has designed you to be will cause you to walk with a confidence you cannot receive by walking in another person’s calling. You are you. When we walk towards the right destiny, with the right purpose within us, we can’t slouch. That’s the greatness of God’s calling in you. That’s the hug of heels!!


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