Hineini: Here I Am

I was recently told about a conversation a Gentile woman had with a Jewish bloke. I don’t normally specify the nationality of who people are, but it is relevant….promise!

The young woman was overheard asking the guy, “Do you think I look Jewish?”

Now as far as I know, she wasn’t trying to pick him up…. He is married with kids. And in answer to her question, no she doesn’t.

But it worries me that she wanted to be seen as being recognised for something she isn’t. As a woman who is Jewish on my father’s side, I don’t fully understand some Christians’ obsession with wanting to “be” Jewish. Yeah, Jesus was Jewish – but you’re not going to get to heaven any quicker just because you pass yourself off as a Jewish believer in Jesus. (Got any questions about this? Would love to hear from you!)

My response to her – indeed to anyone – is: You are who you are, and who you are is perfect for who God designed you to be. He doesn’t need you to be someone else….if He did, you’d be twins with that someone else! He needs you to walk tall in who YOU are. Don’t slouch or hide away from who you have been designed to be, because the world needs you as you are.

I’m not talking about those areas we all seek to grow, improve or cover, I should know, I’m working on shifting a few pounds myself! I’m talking about the very core of who you are (have you seen the film Inside Out?). God created you while you were in the womb, and He knew what He was doing when He made you. Read Psalm 139, it’s all there.

When you walk tall, confident in the truth that when God saw you for the first time, He smiled and said, “Yeah, this is a good one! She is very good!” He isn’t capable of lying. He adores you, and loves to see you shining in the fullness of yourself.

So whether you’re in heels, trainers, fluffy slippers or whatever, don’t slouch. Look up  to see God smiling down on you, and walk tall, then respond to Him, “Hineini” a Hebrew word meaning, “Here I am“. What better act of worship can we give our Creator, instead of trying to hide away, or being someone you were never created to be?


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